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Founded in 1988, the Goldwater Institute works daily in communities, courts, and legislatures to defend and strengthen the freedoms guaranteed to Americans by the U.S. Constitution and the constitutions of the 50 states. The Institute has driven the adoption of hundreds of reforms, including policies that give millions of children access to better schools, terminal patients access to lifesaving medical treatments, and workers a voice in their own representation. As Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will noted, “The Goldwater Institute is simply in the liberty business. And there’s no institution in the country that performs that business better.”

in Re. J.P.C.

Executive Summary The Indian Child Welfare Act is a federal law that creates a separate and substandard set of rules for protecting children in need, if those children have Native American ancestry. Most decisions involving child welfare—whether it be foster care, adoption, or rescuing children from abusive or neglectful families—are made according to the “best interests…

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