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Getting Results.

The Goldwater Institute is one of the most accomplished policy organizations in the nation. Our research, model legislation, and court victories change laws and lives.

Workplace Freedom.

We made sure ballots stay secret by developing and defending multi-state legislation that lets workers keep their votes confidential in union-organizing elections. When the National Labor Relations Board sued over the law, we defended the law in court--and won.

Education Reform.

We gave millions of children access to a better education through common-sense reforms that expand charter schools, grade schools on student achievement, and put more qualified teachers in the classroom through alternative certification.

School Choice.

We won a victory for the parents of 27,000 Arizona kids attending private schools on tuition scholarships. Also, we gave 17,000 special-needs children an option for portable savings accounts to use toward private education services. These education savings accounts save taxpayers money and are a model for 36 other states trying to make school choice compatible with state constitution Blaine Amendments.

Better Health Care.

We protected our right to choose our own doctors and say no to Obamacare by designing the Health Care Freedom Act, which now forms the core defense of multiple lawsuits against the federal health care law.

Empowering Citizens.

We gave local governments the tools to say no to Washington regulations.

Campaign Freedom.

We kept government from playing favorites with a U.S. Supreme Court victory eliminating campaign matching funds and protecting free political speech nationwide.

Government Accountability.

We exposed wasteful government spending by requiring school districts, cities, counties and state governments to post their check registers on a public website.

Protecting Taxpayer Money.

We won an Arizona Supreme Court ruling that bans unfair tax subsidies to corporations and ends sweetheart deals to make sure businesses compete on a level playing field.

Defending Your Rights.

We made sure asking for public information wasn’t a crime by successfully defending moms who were being sued by their school district for requesting school records.

Free Speech.

We made sure government can’t take the shirt off your back by successfully defending the right of citizens to wear Tea Party T-shirts to the polls, protecting the constitutional right of free speech.

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