Property Rights

Your home is your castle—unless the government thinks it should be a shopping center. Learn how citizens and local governments can protect homes and businesses from government takeovers.

<p>Your home is your castle—unless the government thinks it should be a shopping center. Learn how citizens and local governments can protect homes and businesses from government takeovers.</p>

The next shoe to drop in the legal fight over special tax breaks and subsidies for developers could be over the 100 percent tax exemptions ponied up for high-profile projects such as ASU SkySong in Scottsdale and enjoyed by professional sports teams.

Tucson developer Mike Goodman did everything right. But that didn't stop Tucson bureaucrats from pulling the rug out from underneath him and his construction project.

He bought land from the city, fully disclosed his plans to develop student housing to city officials, secured building permits and began building student housing in accordance with his approved permits and plans.


Phoenix--In 2002, a New Jersey woman named Carol Thomas made headlines after her teenage son used her 1990 Ford Thunderbird to sell marijuana to an undercover police officer. He was arrested, pled guilty and faced his punishment. But that did not end the case. The government also seized Thomas' car, despite the fact that no drugs were found in the car, she was the sole owner, and she had no knowledge of her son's use of the car to sell illegal drugs.

The Goldwater Institute's Clint Bolick went on KFNX's "Main Street Out Loud" show to talk about the City of Tempe asking for a do-over in the tattoo case.


Phoenix--The City of Tempe has filed a motion asking Judge Robert Oberbillig to give it another chance to make its case in the lawsuit filed by the Goldwater Institute on behalf of two tattoo studio entrepreneurs.

Phoenix--A Goldwater Institute attorney said today that H.B. 2474, which has passed the Arizona House of Representatives and awaits action by the Senate, could expose the State of Arizona to more than $263 million in claims for compensation from property owners.
The bill would forbid businesses from prohibiting employees or patrons from having guns in cars in private parking lots or garages. The guns must be locked and out of sight.

Tom and Elizabeth Preston wanted to open a tattoo studio in Tempe. The City gave them the go-ahead and the Prestons invested $30,000 in their studio. But Tempe revoked the permit after a neighborhood group complained that it didn't want a tattoo shop in the area. That's when the Goldwater Institute got involved, representing Tom and Elizabeth in their fight against Tempe. Shortly after oral arguments in the case, Tom Preston spoke to Fox 10 News.

Goldwater Institute attorney Carrie Ann Sitren spent an hour on KFNX's "Main Street Out Loud" show with Rudi K. where she discussed Preston v. Hallman (the Tempe tattoo case), just hours after a judge heard oral arguments.

Listen to it here.

Case Background:

Mike Goodman is a Tucson businessman who buys run-down properties in the downtown area and near the UofA, demolishes them, and rebuilds upscale housing.

Phoenix--In a clear victory for property owners in Arizona, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors today lifted a moratorium on building permits in neighborhoods surrounding Luke Air Force Base. The moratorium was the target of $20 million in legal claims filed by the Goldwater Institute on February 17 under protections provided by Prop 207, the Private Property Rights Protection Act.