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  • Goldwater Researcher: Findings Hold on Higher Ed Study

    Posted on June 16, 2003 | Type: Press Release

    On May 12, 2003, the Goldwater Institute released "Does Spending on Higher Education Drive Economic Growth? 20 Years of Evidence Reviewed," by Jon Sanders, higher education policy analyst for the John Locke Foundation.

  • Study on McKay Vouchers Lends Support to Goldwater Reform Plan

    Posted on June 11, 2003 | Type: Press Release

    PHOENIX-In a study released today, Manhattan Institute scholars Jay P. Greene and Greg Forster find that Florida's McKay Scholarship Program has overwhelming support among parents of the special education children who receive vouchers through the program. The study's findings lend support to a Goldwater Institute proposal to use special education vouchers to combat pervasive racial bias by Arizona public school districts in the labeling of children as "learning disabled."

  • Report Offers Advice to Governor's Tax Review Commission

    Posted on June 09, 2003 | Type: Press Release

    Consumption-Based Tax Best Way to Enhance Savings, Investment, and Growth

  • Study Questions Link Between Higher Education Spending, Growth

    Posted on May 12, 2003 | Type: Press Release

    PHOENIX-In a study released today by the Goldwater Institute, John Locke Foundation higher education policy analyst Jon Sanders finds little evidence that government spending on higher education drives economic growth. "Given the claims of Arizona's higher-education spending advocates," Sanders says, "you would expect to see a robust correlation between increased state spending on higher education and economic growth. In fact, I found that there was no consistent, statistically significant correlation."

  • Study Urges Arizona to Adopt a Colorado-Style Expenditure Limit

    Posted on April 21, 2003 | Type: Press Release

    PHOENIX-In a study released today by the Goldwater Institute, Harvard/MIT Data Center fellow Michael J. New reports that Colorado's Taxpayer Bill of Rights has been the most effective expenditure limit enacted in any state during the last three decades. "Enacting a Colorado-style constitutional amendment is Arizona's best hope to restrain spending, generate tax relief, and help prevent future fiscal crises of the kind that have plagued the state during the last two years," Dr. New states.

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