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  • Goldwater Institute Helps States Declare Independence from Big Government

    Posted on June 01, 2011 | Type: Press Release

    PHOENIX – From light bulbs to cheeseburgers, the federal government is more involved in the details of American life than ever before – and far more than the country’s Founders ever envisioned.

  • Federalism DIY: 10 Ways for States to Check and Balance Washington

    Posted on June 01, 2011 | Type: Press Release | Author: Nick Dranias

    The federal government is tightening its control over the 50 states and the lives of every American. The U.S. Constitution, however, says states are supposed to be equal partners with the federal government. State sovereignty — allowing each state to control its own affairs — is the cornerstone of that equal partnership and critical to protecting Americans' freedom.

  • School District Agrees Not to Spend Leftover Bond Money Until Judge Decides Legality

    Posted on May 16, 2011 | Type: Press Release

    PHOENIX—The Goldwater Institute is pleased to announce that the Cave Creek Unified School District has agreed to stop spending bond money on projects voters did not approve until a judge can decide if spending the money is legal. Both the Goldwater Institute and CCUSD signed an agreement that will expedite a ruling in this legal challenge.

  • Goldwater Institute Files Lawsuit to Stop Arbitrary Censorship of Gun Ads

    Posted on May 11, 2011 | Type: Press Release

    PHOENIX – Today, the Goldwater Institute filed a legal challenge to the removal of a business advertisement from 50 Phoenix bus shelters in October 2010, claiming the city’s rules are so vague that they allow city officials to violate business owners’ right to free speech.

  • Glendale/Coyotes Deal FAQs

    Posted on May 05, 2011 | Type: Press Release

    There is a lot of confusion about the City of Glendale's proposal to pay Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer $100 million to help him purchase the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team. Since the Goldwater Institute is working to defend taxpayers in this matter, we set up this page to answer the public's most common questions.

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