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  • Goldwater Institute Releases Model "School Choice Catalog"

    Posted on March 11, 2013 | Type: Press Release

    From tax-credits to fund tuition scholarships to charter schools to the revolutionary education savings account program, Arizona is the national leader in school choice; the state has a broader range of school options than anywhere else in the country.

  • Airing Out the Smoke-filled Rooms: Bringing Transparency to Public Union Collective Bargaining

    Posted on January 17, 2013 | Type: Press Release

    Secret negotiations over employment contracts between union representatives and government officials are the norm in nearly every state in the union. This keeps taxpayers in the dark about how inflated compensation packages are awarded and even stops journalists from knowing what goes on behind closed doors. In a report released by the Goldwater Institute, Director of Policy Development Nick Dranias and economists Byron Schlomach and Stephen Slivinski survey all 50 states’ transparency requirements for collective bargaining negotiations. The study finds that a mere seven states have open government laws on the books to bring these negotiations out of the shadows.

  • Goldwater Institute Commends Governor Jan Brewer for Protecting Arizonans' Health Care Freedoms

    Posted on November 28, 2012 | Type: Press Release

    Governor Brewer’s announcement Wednesday afternoon that the state would not move forward with implementation of a state-funded health insurance exchange signals that Arizonans will be protected from some of the worst aspects of the federal health care law.

  • Increasing Entrepreneurship is a Key to Lowering Poverty Rates

    Posted on November 14, 2012 | Type: Press Release

    Just in time for Global Entrepreneurship Week, a new report shows that states with a larger share of entrepreneurs do a better job at reducing poverty than states with fewer entrepreneurs.

  • Tucker Carlson

    Posted on November 06, 2012 | Type: Press Release

    Goldwater Dinner 2012 speaker Tucker Carlson is a veteran journalist and political commentator, currently working for the Fox News Channel. Carlson is also the editor-in-chief of TheDailyCaller.com, one of the largest and fastest growing news sites in the country. Carlson joined Fox from MSNBC, where he hosted several nightly programs. Previously he was the co-host of Crossfire on CNN, where he was the youngest anchor in the history of that network. During the same period, Carlson also hosted a weekly public affairs program on PBS.

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