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  • Race to the Bottom: Minority Children and Special Education in Arizona Public Schools

    Posted on May 10, 2004 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Matthew Ladner

    In the year 2000, the United States Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights (OCR) surveyed all of the nation's public schools concerning their special education students. The resulting data-known as the OCR 2000 Elementary and Secondary School Survey-allow for the exploration of the possible existence of racial bias in the assignment of special education labeling. Specifically, the OCR data contain information not only about the race of disabled students, but also about the type of disability labels they carry at the individual school level.

  • Comparison of Traditional Public Schools and Charter Schools on Retention, School Switching, and Achievement Growth

    Posted on March 15, 2004 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Pete Goldschmidt

    There is a growing body of literature comparing the effectiveness of charter schools and traditional public schools. No consensus has yet been reached, but there are persistent concerns that performance differences might be due to "better" students attending charter schools. Researchers must therefore first determine whether charter school students and traditional public school students are substantially different before they can attribute any achievement differences to the education provided by these schools.

  • School Vouchers: Constitutionally Permissible in Arizona

    Posted on March 08, 2004 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Clint Bolick

    Arizona's public education landscape offers a plethora of choices, from open public school enrollment to charter schools to private school scholarships funded by income tax credits. The one missing ingredient is school vouchers, which would provide private school opportunities to children whom the public schools are not serving well.

  • Protecting Private Property: The Case for Vested Property Rights

    Posted on March 01, 2004 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Jordan R. Rose

    Many Arizona property owners have learned the hard way that municipalities are free to change zoning classifications and thereby "downzone" parcels of land. Also, local governments may change the zoning restrictions or requirements included in zoning ordinances. Such government actions frequently diminish the value of landowner's properties and destroy investments.

  • Three Paths to Prosperity: An Examination of Proposals for Fundamental Tax Reform

    Posted on February 09, 2004 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Debra Roubik

    Using a statistical model the VisionEcon Dynamic Revenue Model this study estimates the economic effects of repealing the corporate and personal income taxes in Arizona. In particular, it examines three specific proposals: two Goldwater Institute proposals and a proposal by former state treasurer Carol Springer. Under all three scenarios, repealing the income tax in Arizona would generate substantial employment and personal income growth when compared to the baseline trend.

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