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It Takes a Team.

The Goldwater Institute team is dedicated to holding government accountable and accomplishing remarkable results.

  • Darcy Olsen

    Darcy Olsen

    President and CEO
  • Clint Bolick

    Clint Bolick

    Vice President for Litigation
  • Victor Riches

    Victor Riches

    Vice President, External Affairs
  • Roger Zetah

    Roger Zetah

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Michael Kelley

    Michael Kelley

    Communications Director
  • Starlee Coleman

    Starlee Coleman

    Senior Policy Advisor
  • Craig Handzlik

    Craig Handzlik

    State Policy Coordinator
  • Kurt Altman

    Kurt Altman

    National Policy Advisor and General Counsel
  • Christina Sandefur

    Christina Sandefur

    Senior Attorney
  • Jim Manley

    Jim Manley

    Senior Attorney
  • Jon Riches

    Jon Riches

    Staff Attorney
  • Jared Blanchard

    Jared Blanchard

    Staff Attorney
  • Adi Dynar

    Adi Dynar

    Staff Attorney
  • Courtney Van Cott

    Courtney Van Cott

    Staff Attorney
  • Byron Schlomach

    Byron Schlomach

    Director, Center for Economic Prosperity
  • Jonathan Butcher

    Jonathan Butcher

    Education Director
  • Blake Wilson

    Blake Wilson

    Digital Production Specialist
  • Stephanie Rugolo

    Stephanie Rugolo

    Policy Analyst
  • Travis Junion

    Travis Junion

    Major Gifts Officer
  • Le Templar

    Le Templar

    Director of Foundation Relations
  • Jason Lloyd

    Jason Lloyd

    Member Services Assistant
  • Ric Blazquez

    Ric Blazquez

    Development Researcher
  • Cheryl McCarty

    Cheryl McCarty

    Office Manager
  • Kris Schlott

    Kris Schlott

  • Ashley Fitzwilliams

    Ashley Fitzwilliams

  • Annica Benning

    Annica Benning

    Litigation Investigator
  • Andrea Woodmansee

    Andrea Woodmansee

    Senior Editor

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