Columnist George Will has said, “The Goldwater Institute is simply in the liberty business, and there's no institution in the country that performs that business better."

Hailed by George Will as “America’s most potent advocate of limited government,” the Goldwater Institute seeks an aggressive, experienced leader to direct and manage its expanding fundraising operation.

Communications Director


“Let us, then, not blunt the noble impulses of mankind by reducing charity to a mechanical operation of the federal government. Let us, by all means, encourage those who are fortunate and able to care for the needs of those who are unfortunate and disabled. But let us do this in a way that is conducive to the spiritual as well as the material well-being of our citizens – and in a way that will preserve their freedom.” – Barry Goldwater

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For help with a story, contact Michael Kelley at (602) 633-8965 or mkelley@goldwaterinstitute.org.

Founded in 1988 with the blessing of the late Senator Barry Goldwater, the Goldwater Institute’s mission is to advance freedom and protect the Constitution.

For help with a story, contact Michael Kelley at (602) 633-8965 or mkelley@goldwaterinstitute.org.