Healthcare Freedom

Healthcare decisions are intensely personal, and everyone deserves the right to make their own healthcare decisions and from what type of healthcare coverage they purchase to what medications they take. Health reform that works must be focused on expanding choices including allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, to opt for an alternative to traditional health insurance, and to allow individual patients to access promising medications.

The problems in healthcare are not a result of too little government, but too much government. Rather than mandating one-size fits all coverage, the focus should be on increasing the choices available to individuals.

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Meanwhile, Federal Navigator Grants Potentially Fund Community Organizing

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Last week, the Arizona Senate passed Medicaid expansion. Sadly, the proponents were not satisfied with merely passing a program expansion we can’t afford; they actively worked together to kill a series of common sense amendments that would have prevented extra expense and abuse.

In the debate over expanding Medicaid to cover more low-income Arizonans, we are being told that the costs for uncompensated care at Arizona hospitals are soaring, making Medicaid expansion necessary to prevent financial disaster from befalling our hospitals. A closer look reveals that this claim is simply untrue.

Uncompensated care is made up of two things: charity care and bad debt.

As the battle over Medicaid expansion rages, supporters of expansion have dusted off an age-old favorite in making the case for taking federal dollars - “If our state doesn’t take the money, those dollars will just go to some other state instead.”

There are many reasons for Arizona to reject the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, but one reason which has not gotten the attention it deserves is the increasing possibility that the provider tax being proposed to fund the expansion may be reduced or phased out, leaving Arizona with a bill we cannot afford.

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Listening to the Obama Administration’s recent claims about how the sequester is going to affect the Department of Health and Human Services, you might be tempted to think that this sequester threatens your personal health. Warnings from the administration assert that the looming sequestration cuts to the agency will do everything from setting medical science back a generation, to leaving Americans at risk of consuming tainted food, to blocking access to vaccinations, cancer screenings, and HIV tests.

On August 12, 2010 the Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, challenging the constitutionality of the rationing board IPAB and the individual mandate.