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A government that operates behind closed doors cannot be the government of a free people. The Goldwater Institute has prompted several reforms shining light into the inner workings of government, including the nation’s most comprehensive online database of line-by-line government spending and restrictions on politicians using tax money for self-promotion. Our regular watchdog reports are helping citizens hold their elected officials accountable.

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  • Preston v. Hallman (Defending small business owners)

    Posted on November 05, 2007 | Type: Case

    After winning the lawsuit but not being awarded damages, the Goldwater Institute appealed to recover damages on behalf of the Prestons. The City of Tempe also appealed the judge's decision. On June 17, 2010, the Prestons and the City of Tempe both agreed to drop their appeals.

  • How Did Freedom Fare this Legislative Session?

    Posted on November 05, 2007 | Type: Press Release

    Phoenix -- Mark Twain once quipped, No mans life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session. That certainly held true in Arizona this year. The 2007 legislative session was the worst for freedom in five years, according to the Goldwater Institutes fifth annual Legislative Report Card released today.

  • Regulation for Regulations Sake

    Posted on October 02, 2007 | Type: Blog | Author: William Maurer

    Even though campaign finance laws interfere with constitutional rights of free speech and association, the U.S. Supreme Court has held that the government may impose regulations on financial contributions to campaigns if it has a good enough reason to do so.­ The Court has recognized only one justification for curtailing the right to engage in political activity without governmental interference. ­That justification is combating corruption or the appearance of corruption.

  • Aid raises food prices

    Posted on September 10, 2007 | Type: Op-Ed

    David Bassingthwaites Aug. 28 letter to the editor addressing Tom Patterson's Aug. 20 column is a bit off the mark. The agricultural industry in the U.S. is not our best performer. If it were, it wouldn't need taxpayer money to keep it profitable. Bassingthwaite compared our food prices with European nations, which subsidize their farming industries at rates exceedingly higher than our own. The European Union subsidizes farming so much that European cows are subsidized to the tune of $2 a day, which happens to be double the daily income of almost 1 billion people on the planet. Celebrating cheaper U.S. food prices relative to the most expensive food prices in the world is like coming in next to last in a race and thinking we cant do any better.

  • CityNorth fight revives subsidy debate

    Posted on August 13, 2007 | Type: In the News

    CityNorth will be a 144-acre complex of hotels, shops, restaurants, department stores, outdoor spaces, residences and parking garages. It is in the heart of Desert Ridge, the master-planned community surrounding the corner of Deer Valley Road and Tatum Boulevard, north of Loop 101.

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