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  • Reps. Shadegg, Flake Seek New Terms

    Posted on June 11, 2002 | Type: In the News

    U.S. Reps. John Shadegg and Jeff Flake, stalwart conservative Republicans from separate areas of the Valley, filed Monday for re-election.

  • Genomic Bandwagon's Ride Curiously Smooth

    Posted on June 09, 2002 | Type: In the News

    It has been rather mysterious and more than a little unnerving, the almost unquestioned support for throwing millions of dollars in public money toward establishing an international biotech research center in downtown Phoenix.

  • Panel Cautions Against Economic Quick-Fixes

    Posted on June 07, 2002 | Type: In the News

    PHOENIX - Arizona lawmakers should not hike taxes or throw money at quick-fix solutions to stimulate economic growth because the state's sputtering economy is just traveling in a normal cycle, a panel of economic experts said Thursday.

  • Think Tank Says Arizona Income Below National Average

    Posted on June 07, 2002 | Type: In the News

    Arizona's leaders should resist calls for more taxation and spending in the name of economic development, a Phoenix-based conservative public policy groups says.

  • Institute's take is rosy on growth, economy

    Posted on June 07, 2002 | Type: In the News

    Contrary to what some critics say, Arizona's superheated growth during the 1990s was good for the economy, the conservative Goldwater Institute concluded in a policy paper released Thursday.

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