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  • Taxation Burden for Arizonans is Still Too High

    Posted on February 04, 2003 | Type: In the News

    As Arizona's political leaders try to cope with shrinking tax revenues there will be inevitable pleas from special interest groups to increase taxes on the state's residents rather than cut spending.

  • Lobbyists Work on the Government -- And for It

    Posted on January 28, 2003 | Type: In the News | Author: Laura Knaperek

    In the hearings conducted at the Legislature, almost all that attend and testify are individuals who represent agencies and departments of government. This appears to be a violation of the separation-ofpowers doctrine that is supposed to be for the preservation of liberty of citizens. What impact do such activities have on legislation? And are we, the citizens, paying for government lobbyists to work for the interests of these same agencies and departments?

  • Budget Plan's Rx: Avoiding Big Pain

    Posted on January 20, 2003 | Type: In the News

    PHOENIX - While other states are grappling with tax increases, the early release of prisoners and a shorter school year to balance budgets, Gov. Janet Napolitano's plan for Arizona hopes to avoid that pain for state taxpayers.

  • Roots of Budget Crisis Go Back 10 Years

    Posted on January 12, 2003 | Type: In the News | Author: Bill Hart

    Georganna Meyer remembers the first scary signs.

  • A Head Start is Eluding Many

    Posted on January 03, 2003 | Type: In the News

    Angel Lozano is still waiting. More than a year ago, Angel's parents tried to sign her up for Head Start. But the federally funded preschool program in their North Highlands neighborhood was already full.

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