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Throughout the year we host book signings, roundtable discussions, and educational and social events. Become involved with the Goldwater Institute -- check back for information about our upcoming events.


Past Events

Yuma Meet and Greet  March 14, 2008

Please join us at the Holiday Inn in Yuma to learn more about the Goldwater Institute and our Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation.

Ward Connerly Breakfast  February 07, 2008

The Goldwater Institute hosted a breakfast with civil rights leader, Ward Connerly.

The 2007 Goldwater Award Dinner  December 08, 2007

Please join the Goldwater Institute as we honor Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the courageous author of New York Times best-seller Infidel.

Discussion and Debate on Student Testing  November 08, 2007

Please join Goldwater Institute Vice President for Research Dr. Matthew Ladner for a discussion and debate with Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne on the reliability of Arizona's student testing regime.

Mark Steyn Speaker Series Breakfast  September 06, 2007

Please join the Goldwater Institute on September 6 to learn why people are calling Mark Steyn's latest book, America Alone, the most important book of the year.

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