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Throughout the year we host book signings, roundtable discussions, and educational and social events. Become involved with the Goldwater Institute -- check back for information about our upcoming events.


Past Events

Gubernatorial Candidate Forum  August 21, 2002

Featured Panelists: Mark Kimble, Editorial Writer, Tucson Citizen Tom Patterson, Chairman, Goldwater Institute

Eminent Domain Abuse in Arizona  August 20, 2002

"Eminent Domain Abuse in Arizona: The Growing Threat to Private Property" A new Goldwater study by Jordan R. Rose

Assessing Arizona's Economy  June 06, 2002

During the 1990s, Arizona's economy doubled in size, creating nearly 1 million new jobs. Yet some analysts worry that the local economy lags behind on key measures of economic performance. A June 6 luncheon forum at the Goldwater Institute brought together three of Arizona's economic experts to discuss the state of the state's economy.

Education Scholarships  March 26, 2002

Education Scholarships: Expanding Opportunities for Students, Saving Taxpayers Money

Goldwater Institute Annual Dinner 2002  March 16, 2002

2002 Goldwater Institute Award Recipient Hernando de Soto

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