Phoenix Rising, Falling, or Sprawling: A Roundtable Discussion for Journalists, Policymakers, and Business Leaders

Event Date - April 28, 2005

Text of the event.



Goldwater Institute Policy Forum
Barry Broome, President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council
Sean DiGiovanna, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Andrew Kirby, Ph.D., Professor, Arizona State University
Joel Kotkin, Irvine Fellow, New America Foundation; Author, The City: A Global History
David Richert, Growth, Land Use and State Land Manager, City of Phoenix
Fred Siegel, Ph.D., Professor, The Cooper Union; Senior Fellow, Progressive Policy Institute 
THE PHOENIX METRO AREA is one of the fastest growing regions in the country, even among expanding Sunbelt cities. While the multiplying population creates numerous opportunities, it also presents potential problems. Please join the Goldwater Institute and The Business Journal of Phoenix for a timely discussion on the future of Phoenix. Panelists will consider questions such as: Is there an ideal model for Phoenix to follow? If so, what does that model look like? Is Phoenix a new model for other cities to follow? Does sprawl come at the expense of our quality of life?  How should we approach development in the central core? Please join us for a discussion of these and other important issues regarding the future of Phoenix. Reception to follow.
Goldwater Institute, 500 East Coronado Road, Phoenix
One block north of McDowell, west of 7th Street

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