A New Charter for American Cities

Event Date - March 12, 2009

Throughout Arizona, citizens are burdened with increasingly profligate local governments. The local regulatory hammer has become a magic wand for growing the size, scope, and intrusiveness of Arizona’s cities, towns, and counties.  And because of a lack of transparency, these local governments have evaded accountability for their excesses. In A New Charter for American Cities, the Goldwater Institute proposes twenty-seven specific policy recommendations to refocus cities, towns, and counties on the legitimate business of government. Recommendations include establishing sunrise and sunset review for all local regulations, offering alternative dispute resolution for regulatory disputes, enforcing performance standards for policing, outsourcing government services through managed competition, and establishing “three strikes and you’re out” policies for public employees who behave badly.

David Cullier, Professor of Journalism, University of Arizona
Fred Kelly Grant, President, Stewards of the Range
Steven Greenhut, Senior Editorial Writer, Orange County Register
The Honorable Jim Lane, Mayor, City of Scottsdale

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