Goldwater Institute Annual Dinner 2002

Event Date - March 16, 2002

2002 Goldwater Institute Award Recipient Hernando de Soto

Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto is arguably the most important intellectual in the developing world. Whereas generations of economists have theorized about the sources of prosperity, de Soto has made it his life's work to travel the world, visiting cities and shantytowns, talking with black market vendors, and observing people at work in fields and factories. In The Other Path (1986), de Soto documented the crucial importance of property rights to the foundation of prosperous societies. In doing so, he offered the people of Peru an alternative vision to the destructive reality of collectivism. During the early 1990s, de Soto served as principal adviser to the president of Peru, initiating a series of legal and economic reforms that modernized the country's economic system and freed its people from the bureaucratic obstacles that had long crippled their entrepreneurial potential. In his latest book, The Mystery of Capital (2000), de Soto shows that the grubby veneer of the developing world hides unimaginably deep wells of productive capital. To the billions in the world who struggle daily in poverty, de Soto offers the promise of a capitalist future that rewards them for their toil. To the millions of us who live in the relative wealth and comfort of the developed world, de Soto reminds us that we dare not forget our past.

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2002 Kolbe Award Recepient John Stossel

Each year, the Goldwater Institute presents the John Kolbe Award for Excellence in Journalism to a man or woman who advances the cause of liberty through excellence in journalism. Winner of 19 Emmy Awards, ABC NEWS correspondent and 20/20 co-anchor John Stossel is a world-renowned television journalist. His recent specials include "Greed," which challenged conventional wisdom on how people view businessmen, and "Is America #1?" which explored America's unparalleled inventiveness and prosperity.

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