Continuing Legal Education Event: Constitutional Judging--The Proper Role of the Judiciary in Enforcing Our State and Federal Constitutions.

Event Date - October 25, 2013

It’s no secret that sentiment varies on the proper role of the judiciary in enforcing state and federal constitutional law.

While some think the judiciary should treat the Constitution as a “living document” interpreted based on changed circumstances and conditions, others believe that the only interpretation of constitutional provisions is based on the specific understanding of the people at the time of ratification, without any capacity to adapt to changing circumstances. Still others believe that a constitution should be interpreted as a contract, with some provisions locked into the public understanding at the time of ratification and other provisions being more open-ended by design.

On Friday, October 25, the Goldwater Institute, the League of Women Voters (AZ), the Institute for Justice and the Federalist Society will host a Continuing Legal Education event on this subject, featuring a panel of judges, including include Senior Judge Harold DeMoss of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit; Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Barry Anderson; California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu; and Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett.

The event will be held at the Goldwater Institute and takes place from 1pm to 4pm.

This CLE program will present a variety of perspectives on the proper role of the judiciary in enforcing state and federal constitutional law. Using timeless as well as recent precedent, panelists will spotlight proper constitutional judging and improper constitutional judging.

The cost of the program is $50.00 and you will receive 3 hours of CLE credit.

Space is limited to around 200 people, so please send an RSVP to Kristine Schlott or call her at 602-462-5000 as soon as possible!

We look forward to you joining us for a fantastic afternoon of discussion and question-and-answer regarding Constitutional Judging.

Thank you,

Goldwater Institute

League of Women Voters (AZ)

Institute for Justice

Federalist Society

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