Burdensome Barriers: How Excessive Regulations Impede Entrepreneurship

Event Date - December 08, 2003

December 8, 2003

Facing burdensome and unnecessary regulations, would-be entrepreneurs are kept from becoming cosmetologists, barbers, African hairbraiders, taxicab drivers, and street vendors. In a new Goldwater Institute report, Institute for Justice staff attorney Tim Keller describes how entrepreneurs would rush to open businesses if set free from these needless regulations. Among their ranks would be hundreds of low-income and minority entrepreneurs who would be taking the first step up the proverbial economic ladder.

Panelists for this discussion of barriers to entrepreneurship included:

Tim Keller, staff attorney, Institute for Justice Arizona Chapter

Rev. Oscar Tillman, president, Maricopa County Chapter, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Michelle Bolton, Arizona state director, National Federation of Independent Business and member, Governor's Regulatory Review Council

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