2011 Goldwater Dinner featuring Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Event Date - November 10, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is no stranger to controversy. Just two months after being sworn-in, the plain-spoken Republican became the most talked-about conservative in the nation. Faced with fleeing legislators, angry protests, and harsh criticism by President Obama, Governor Walker maintained his principled stand on common-sense, conservative values.

With a looming $3.6 billion budget shortfall, Governor Walker passed an ambitious budget repair bill that asked public workers to pay some of the cost of their generous benefit packages. It also eliminated collective bargaining for nearly all state employees, breaking the grip of labor unions at the state capitol.

Before being elected governor, Scott Walker reformed the scandal-ridden Milwaukee County government by cutting debt, reducing the workforce, and authoring nine consecutive budgets without increasing the property tax levy. Despite failing national and state economies, Milwaukee County recorded a budget surplus in 2009, and now thanks to Governor Walker’s bold leadership, the Wisconsin state budget is moving in the right direction.

Please join us as we honor Governor Walker and celebrate freedom at the annual Goldwater Dinner.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

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