Education Savings Accounts in Arizona



A new kind of education savings account

We’ve all heard of education savings accounts to help save and pay for our children’s college expenses. But there’s a new kind of education savings account that is helping Arizona families pay for education expenses before our kids get to college.

Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts are helping thousands of children in Arizona attend schools that are better meeting their needs. And in many cases, parents aren’t just choosing new schools, they are choosing tutoring, therapy, and other services to help their children really get ahead. These accounts give you control over a portion of your child’s share of state education funding to use on a variety of educational expenses and services, from private school tuition to home school curriculum and supplies paired with after-school learning enrichment programs.

Right now, these accounts are available to only certain students. Students with special needs, students in failing schools, students with active duty military parents, students adopted from foster care, and students living on Native American reservations have access to these accounts. But the state legislature is considering expanding the program so that over time, all Arizona students will be eligible for an account.

A great education is a ticket to the American Dream. Every child deserves the chance at an education that will prepare them for a good job, a bright future, and a happy life. But for many children, the odds of attending a good school depend entirely on where they live. Empowerment Scholarship Accounts change that. They allow parents to put their children in a learning environment that gives them a shot at a better, more successful life. The parents of children who have access to these accounts say its changed their children’s lives.

It’s time for all Arizona children to have access to this life-changing program.


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