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It has been said that lawyers are the foot soldiers of our Constitution. Two lawyers first began their march at the Goldwater Institute for constitutional rights when they successfully sued the City of Phoenix over a $97 million taxpayer subsidy for a shopping mall. That case, Turken v. Gordon, was broadcast around the nation in defense of the Gift Clause of the Arizona Constitution, a provision that prohibits the expenditure of public funds for private purposes. Turken is now a standard authority for courts in the 47 other states with constitutional gift clauses.

That’s where you come in.

Goldwater’s two-person legal team is now much larger – but still there are too many cases for us to litigate alone. We need your help litigating in defense of constitutional rights.

We need your hand in research, your pen for amicus briefs, and your vigor for moot courts and litigation preparation. In addition, we are not licensed in every jurisdiction; so we need your help as local counsel.

We are accepting applications from attorneys across the United States to join us in defending constitutional rights as part of the Constitutional Defense League.

How We Work

Goldwater’s Defense League matches clients with attorneys for litigation, amicus briefs, and representation at the administrative level in defense of constitutional rights. The League also serves as a referral network for cases that are not a good fit for support through the Goldwater Institute. League Defenders choose their own type and level of commitment, as well as their subject matter. Subject matters include free speech, public records laws, school choice, economic liberty, public sector union reform, private property and taxpayer protection suits, and others.

League Defenders who demonstrate a strong commitment to the program may be invited to intensive constitutional training with Goldwater Institute attorneys, after which they are eligible for special benefits.

Our state and federal constitutions are in need of defenders. Will you join us by completing the application below?

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Ways to Participate

  • Litigate cases pro bono
  • Accept case referrals
  • Write amicus briefs
  • Advise and represent clients at the administrative level
  • Serve as local counsel to Goldwater attorneys
  • Assist with legal research
  • Participate on moot courts

League Benefits

  • Research assistance, including access to the Goldwater Institute's internal legal research, briefs, and case documents from our case history.
  • Corroborate with Goldwater attorneys and other Constitutional Defenders on high profile cases.
  • Connect with clients for amicus briefs.
  • Referrals for fee generating cases.
  • Training to lead your own pro bono and fee generating cases, and earn continuing legal education credits (if your state permits).
  • Opportunities to log pro bono hours.
  • Assistance with legal costs for select cases.

      *Complete Goldwater’s intensive constitutional training and become eligible for preferred pro bono cases, referrals, and assistance from Goldwater attorneys.

Benefits for Law Students

Students currently attending law school may also participate in the Constitutional Defense League as a member of the Young Defenders. If invited, students will:

  • Contribute to real cases.
  • Learn practical legal skills.
  • Work directly under experienced litigators.
  • Receive opportunities for select training alongside the League’s experienced attorneys.

      *In addition, all Young Defenders will automatically be accepted as League Defenders when they become licensed by any state, and they will receive further opportunities for training, assistance, and case referrals.

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