Timothy Sandefur

Vice President for Litigation

Timothy Sandefur is Vice President for Litigation. Before joining Goldwater, he served 15 years as a litigator at the Pacific Legal Foundation, where he won important victories for economic liberty in several states. He is the author of four books, Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America (coauthored with Christina Sandefur, 2016), The Right to Earn A Living (2010), The Conscience of The Constitution (2014), and The Permission Society (forthcoming, 2016), as well as some 45 scholarly articles on subjects ranging from eminent domain and economic liberty to antitrust, copyright, slavery and the Civil War, and political issues in Shakespeare, ancient Greek drama, and Star Trek. He is an Adjunct Scholar with the Cato Institute, a graduate of Hillsdale College and Chapman University School of Law.

Documents & Reports

Executive Summary Samuel and Samantha (not their real names) are two Arizona teenagers—15 and 17 years old—who are the subject of a legal dispute between their parents.  It’s the kind of case that goes on in countless courts across the nation every day.  In such cases, courts ...

Published January 9, 2017

Author Timothy Sandefur

Economic freedom is an essential part of the American Dream.  The right to put one’s skills to use to provide for oneself and one’s family is central to our constitutionally protected freedom.  Supreme Court Justice William Douglas even called the right to earn a living “the most precious ...

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