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Pro Bono Attorney Training:  October 4-5, 2017 – The Ritz Carlton – Philadelphia

10+ hours of CLE + reimbursable travel expenses!  Invitations are limited to qualified candidates.  Contact us to request consideration.

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Freedom is not a partisan issue… But it does need advocates. Two attorneys at the Goldwater Institute first responded to the call to defend individual rights and freedoms. Eventually, more attorneys joined them, and within ten years, the Goldwater Institute had advocated before state supreme courts throughout the country, federal courts of appeal, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lauren Boice is a perfect example of someone who could not have succeeded without a lawyer. Lauren turned to Goldwater attorneys when the Arizona Board of Cosmetology shut down her business, Angels on Earth, which matched licensed cosmetologists with people who could not leave their homes for haircuts because they were ill or elderly. The state ordered Lauren to get a salon license and open a physical salon – even though all she did was schedule appointments with other licensed cosmetologists, and none of her clients would ever see the inside of a salon.

These cases – defending individual rights, protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and changing the life of a client for the better – are reasons that many of us went to law school. We have a responsibility to advocate for the freedoms of the people we represent, and we are often their last line of defense.

How We Work

The Goldwater Institute matches cases and clients to the one group of people who are uniquely positioned to help them: attorneys.  By offering your pro bono services, you can litigate cases, assist with legal research, write amicus briefs, represent clients at the administrative level, and serve as local counsel.  You choose the type of participation and level of commitment, as well as the subject matter of pro bono service.

As part of our pro bono network, you will receive support, assistance, and mentoring by Goldwater attorneys throughout your project. Advocates who demonstrate a strong commitment to pro bono service may be invited to public interest litigation and constitutional law training and receive opportunities to earn continuing education credits.

Subject matters for pro bono service include free speech, public records laws, school choice, economic liberty, public sector union reform, private property and taxpayer protection suits, and others.

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Ways to Participate

  • Litigation
  • Amicus briefs
  • Administrative representation
  • Local counsel
  • Legal research
  • Moot courts

For Law Students

Students currently attending law school may participate in pro bono service:

  • Contribute to real cases.
  • Learn practical legal skills.
  • Work directly under experienced litigators.
  • Receive opportunities for training alongside experienced attorneys
  • Automatic acceptance into American Freedom Network when licensed by any state.        

Reasons To Join

  • Choice: Participate as much or as little as you want, the ways you want, on your schedule.
  • Collaboration: Work with other talented attorneys and Goldwater Institute experts.
  • Support: Receive readymade cases with templates for your success.
  • Opportunity: Log pro bono hours, and make a difference for someone in need of an advocate. Grants are available to assist with legal costs.

Current Needs

AZ (local counsel may be secured): Amicus Brief – Fiscal Responsibility

Represent appraisal group(s) in support of Rodgers (

Multistate: Legal Research & Writing (Law Review Article)  – Due Process

Research & evaluate administrative evidentiary hearing procedures for constitutional compliance

NC, OK: Demand Letter & Potential Litigation – First Amendment

Challenge State Bar for failure to comply with Reed

New opportunities added weekly! Apply above for more information.

Legal Training

American Freedom Advocates who demonstrate a strong commitment to pro bono service through litigation, amicus briefs, research, or other projects may be invited to participate in public interest litigation and constitutional law training with Goldwater attorneys. Multi-day trainings are held each year and include seminars on substantive constitutional principles, litigation practice and strategies, advice from the bench, how to be effective in the media, and more. Continuing Legal Education credits are available (if permitted by your state). Trainings are generally by invitation only, with expenses paid; however, special inquiries are accepted. Complete the application above and note your request.

Shorter training seminars with Continuing Legal Education credits are offered at various times throughout the year, and in various locations, on topics such as Right to Earn a Living, Gift Clause, Right to Try, Public Records Laws, and more. Check back for information about upcoming seminars. To request a seminar in your area, complete the application and note your request.

Is there a law that you’ve always thought should be challenged? Visit to see if the Goldwater Institute or American Freedom Advocates can help.



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