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Kids deserve a top-notch education tailored to their needs. That’s why the Goldwater Institute helped make Arizona the leading state for education choice. In 2010, five Goldwater reforms became law, including education accounts for special-needs students, a school-performance rating system, ending of social promotion, expansion of charter schools, and new certification requirements so that experts in math, science, and other areas can teach their subjects without a teaching certificate from a college of education.

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  • Education Savings Accounts: Questions and Answers

    Posted on March 12, 2012 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Jonathan Butcher

    Education Savings Accounts were signed into law by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer in April 2011 and expanded in May 2012. The program opens a new frontier for education reform because parents have more options for their children with these savings accounts than under any other education reform initiative in American history. For the first time, parents can use formula funding from the state to customize their child’s education.

  • Tax Credit Scholarships: Questions and Answers

    Posted on March 06, 2012 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Jonathan Butcher

    Arizona operates three tax credit scholarship programs. Under these programs, individuals or businesses can donate money to school tuition organizations (STOs). These organizations award private school scholarships to students in grades K-12. Individuals and businesses can take a tax credit equal to their donation within certain limits when they file their taxes.

  • Arizona Remains a Leader in Innovative Education Reform

    Posted on March 06, 2012 | Type: Blog | Author: Jonathan Butcher

    Last week, Gov. Jan Brewer kept Arizona out front in innovative education reform. Gov. Brewer’s signature on SB 1047 will help students on private school scholarship waiting lists finally realize their dream of attending their school of choice.

  • Cane Toads, virtual schools, and unintended consequences

    Posted on February 29, 2012 | Type: Blog | Author: Jonathan Butcher

    In 1935, Australia had a problem with beetles. The bugs were destroying the nation’s sugar cane crop, so, to combat the pests, lawmakers introduced over 100 Cane Toads to the continent.

  • Digital Learning: Improve Educational Opportunities for American Indian Students

    Posted on February 21, 2012 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Dan Lips

    Approximately 59,000 American Indian students live in Arizona —approximately 5 percent of total student enrollment. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, Arizona’s American Indian students score below the state average on the National Assessment of Educational Progress reading and mathematics exams.

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