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Kids deserve a top-notch education tailored to their needs. That’s why the Goldwater Institute helped make Arizona the leading state for education choice. In 2010, five Goldwater reforms became law, including education accounts for special-needs students, a school-performance rating system, ending of social promotion, expansion of charter schools, and new certification requirements so that experts in math, science, and other areas can teach their subjects without a teaching certificate from a college of education.

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  • School Choice Version 2.0

    Posted on December 12, 2012 | Type: Blog | Author: Jonathan Butcher

    As states around the country get set to start their legislative sessions in January, making sure children are attending schools that challenge them and prepare them for life tops the list of priorities. Texas is one of the states considering a new scholarship for children in K-12, and even U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has suggested a tax credit scholarship program at the federal level.

  • Education Savings Accounts and Student Testing - We Can't Afford to Look the Other Way

    Posted on December 06, 2012 | Type: Blog | Author: Jonathan Butcher

    It’s time to let everyone—parents in Arizona and other states, along with state and national policymakers—see the results of Arizona’s education savings accounts. Over 400 children are using the accounts this year, and thousands more become eligible next year.

  • A Look Into The Higher Education Crystal Ball

    Posted on November 28, 2012 | Type: Blog | Author: Jonathan Butcher

    We can’t help but love predictions. Before the start of college football season, ESPN always guesses who will win the national championship. Sports Illustrated’s NBA preview issue predicts it’ll be the Heat over the Lakers in the Finals this year. Days after the election, ABC News headlined a story with “After 2012 Election Expect 2016 Primaries to Begin Immediately,” making predictions about who may win the nominations for both parties in four years. And a blog called “EPIC 2020” is featuring a 10-minute video that sends us almost a decade into the future to see what colleges could look like.

  • Charter Schools Transforming Education Landscape

    Posted on November 07, 2012 | Type: Blog | Author: Clint Bolick

    When the Goldwater Institute recently recruited attorney candidates from out of state, I was able to use a lure I never would have thought possible: Arizona has the best public schools in the country.

  • Next-Gen Education

    Posted on November 06, 2012 | Type: In the News

    What would happen if we deposited all a child’s K-12 education dollars into an account parents control? A new report from Arizona’s Goldwater Institute discusses just such a system as it unfurls in their state. Report author and Goldwater’s Education Director Jonathan Butcher joins School Reform News Managing Editor Joy Pullmann to discuss education savings accounts. He says the U.S. education system is heading towards more personalization and family freedom.

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