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The U.S. Constitution and state constitutions guarantee certain rights. Too often, government violates those rights instead of protecting them. The Goldwater Institute is committed to constitutional rule of law and focuses on property rights, campaign finance, legislative terms, balance of power among levels of government, processes of judicial appointment, and state sovereignty, among others.

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  • Arizona's Anti-Tobacco Crusade: Smoke Free or Free to Smoke?

    Posted on October 08, 2002 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Robert A. Levy

    Arizona's smokers have discovered that there's more than one way to be Proposition'd. First, it was Proposition 200, which banned smoking in Tempe's "public places." That's public, as in private restaurants, bars, billiard halls, and bowling alleys. Now it's Proposition 303, a proposal to increase Arizona's cigarette tax from 58 cents per pack to $1.18--the nation's fifth highest rate. The war against tobacco has reached fever pitch. Politicians and misguided voters disdain property rights, ignore contrary scientific evidence on secondhand smoke, reduce smokers to second-class citizenship, and pave the path for more intrusive government worming its way into every phase and facet of our daily lives.

  • Goldwater Study Blasts Arizona's Tobacco Policies

    Posted on October 08, 2002 | Type: Press Release

    Study Targets Master Settlement Agreement, Prop. 303 Tax Hike, Tempe Smoking Ban

  • Laugh Your Way to Political Enlightenment

    Posted on September 04, 2002 | Type: In the News

    "Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys." The image of our government careening through our rights like a drunken teenager is funny, but too true. We owe this colorful image to P.J. O'Rourke.

  • Integrity Tops Political Virtues List

    Posted on August 22, 2002 | Type: In the News

    Researchers Offering Tips to Aid Voters

  • Competition Should Decide Paralegal Issue

    Posted on May 29, 2002 | Type: Op-Ed | Author: George Leef

    In his 1776 book "The Wealth of Nations," Adam Smith remarked that when businessmen get together, their talk usually turns to means of stifling competition. With even more justice, Smith might have written, "lawyers." The legal profession makes all others look like amateurs when it comes to rigging the market.

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