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The U.S. Constitution and state constitutions guarantee certain rights. Too often, government violates those rights instead of protecting them. The Goldwater Institute is committed to constitutional rule of law and focuses on property rights, campaign finance, legislative terms, balance of power among levels of government, processes of judicial appointment, and state sovereignty, among others.

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  • U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief in Granholm v. Heald

    Posted on September 23, 2004 | Type: Amicus Brief | Author: Mark Brnovich

    The Goldwater Institute filed an amicus brief in Granholm v. Heald, now before the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that wine distribution laws in states such as Arizona and Michigan violate the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

  • Stomping Grapes: How Arizona Tramples Consumer Choice in Wine

    Posted on September 22, 2004 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Jennifer Wright

    Arizona wine consumers are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to buying wines they enjoy. A bizarre set of laws makes purchasing many wines impossible, despite the fact that such wines are widely available on the Internet.

  • Smoking Ban an Attack on Freedom

    Posted on February 23, 2004 | Type: Op-Ed | Author: Mark Brnovich

    Arizonans Concerned About Smoking is pushing a statewide ban on smoking in private restaurants and bars. The group argues that a ban is necessary to protect the rights of nonsmokers to be in smoke-free environments. But ban proponents misunderstand the nature of rights in a free society.

  • Tort reform may mean bringing your case to the public

    Posted on February 01, 2004 | Type: In the News

    Last year, the United States House of Representatives passed legislation that would have limited contingency fees collected by attorneys and set caps on non-economic damages at $250,000. But the bills never made it out of the Senate. In response, President Bush has indicated he will make tort reform a priority during the presidential campaign. He also remarked that, "The senators must understand that nobody in America has ever been healed by a frivolous lawsuit."[i]

  • Wine Shipping Discussion Turns Spirited in Valley

    Posted on November 20, 2003 | Type: In the News

    Opponents, backers of state law square off

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