Constitutional Rights

Government can be freedom’s best friend when it protects citizens’ constitutional rights. Here’s how the Goldwater Institute is ensuring your rights are protected.

<p>Government can be freedom’s best friend when it protects citizens’ constitutional rights. Here’s how the Goldwater Institute is ensuring your rights are protected. </p>

There was no black-tie soiree trumpeting the arrival of the Barry Goldwater Institute when it opened its doors to relative anonymity in 1988.

It began humbly in a one-room, rented apartment off Beaver Street near the Northern Arizona University campus in Flagstaff. Founder Michael Sanera needed two tries to persuade the former senator to lend his name to a conservative think tank, originally called the Arizona Policy Institute.

Checking the Powers of Government

I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the rights of the people by the gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations. -- James Madison

Every few weeks during an election year, an Arizona pundit or civic spokesman announces that the state is in dire need of "leadership," and needs people who will make the "tough decisions" necessary for the future of the state.

Such proclamations ignore the other key factor in the leadership equation: having the right principles. For political change to secure lasting benefits to the public, leadership must be informed by right principles. Strong leadership informed by wrong principles brings disaster.

PHOENIX (AP) - Proposition 303 on the Nov. 5 ballot would raise an estimated $62 million a year to help pay for health care for poor Arizonans, subsidies for hospital emergency rooms and research into leading fatal diseases.

Smokers would pick up the tab - if Arizona voters approve the referendum's 60 cent increase in the state's current 58 cent excise tax on each pack of cigarettes, for a total of $1.18. Taxes on other tobacco products would go up as well.

For a pack-a-day smoker such as Barbara Wells, the increase would cost $219 a year.

Study Targets Master Settlement Agreement, Prop. 303 Tax Hike, Tempe Smoking Ban

Phoenix, AZ-In a study released today by the Goldwater Institute, Cato Institute constitutional scholar Robert A. Levy concludes that Arizona's tobacco policies are "paternalism at its worst, without regard for personal liberty or private property," and urges Arizonans not to "sacrifice cherished rights in order to wage war on cigarettes."


In his 1776 book "The Wealth of Nations," Adam Smith remarked that when businessmen get together, their talk usually turns to means of stifling competition. With even more justice, Smith might have written, "lawyers." The legal profession makes all others look like amateurs when it comes to rigging the market.

Phoenix, AZ-In a policy paper released today by the Goldwater Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute senior analyst Solveig Singleton weighs in on privacy policy issues in Arizona. In "The Freedom of Information Versus the Right to Privacy: A Pro-Market Framework for Arizona," Singleton finds that both the US and Arizona constitutions protect citizens' rights to privacy against government intrusions, and those safeguards should be maintained.


No issue elicits more intensity, passion and emotion, yet generates so little honest discussion, as the question of how to address child abuse and neglect.  Statistics and statements used to justify government programs that would be examined, analyzed and scrutinized anywhere else are considered untouchable here.