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There are almost 90,000 local governments in America, with an average of one new local government born every day. Many are unaccountable to taxpayers and special interest-driven, and the Goldwater Institute’s “New Charter for American Cities” gives citizens the tools they need to fight City Hall and hold their local governments accountable.

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  • Scottsdale Merchants Have Been Pushed Too Far

    Posted on August 19, 2002 | Type: Op-Ed

    When people think of downtown Scottsdale, they think of the wonderful shops and fine dining, of Thursday night art walks and, of course, the Sixth Avenue/Stetson area.

  • Red-Light Cameras Catch Criminals, Not Innocents

    Posted on June 21, 2002 | Type: In the News

    We were a bunch of grumpy scofflaws, sitting in a defensive-driving class, nerves still raw over being caught in some act of traffic illegality.

  • Goldwater Study Debunks Worries about Arizona's Growth

    Posted on June 06, 2002 | Type: Press Release

    Phoenix, AZ-In a policy paper released today, Goldwater Institute economist Robert Franciosi concludes that Arizona's rapid growth over the past decade has had largely positive effects on the state's economy. His findings contradict the views of many industrial policy advocates, who have expressed concern over the state's growth pattern and proposed what Franciosi calls "a sweeping agenda for activist government."

  • Safer Streets Possible Without Red-Light Cameras

    Posted on May 28, 2002 | Type: Op-Ed | Author: Solveig Singleton

    More of Arizona's cities and towns are considering the use of red light cameras. As they inch their way into the intersection of privacy and technology, cities should proceed with caution.

  • We Didn't Become LA

    Posted on May 09, 2002 | Type: Op-Ed | Author: Robert J. Franciosi

    In 1989, public transit advocates argued that Valtrans was the only system that could prevent the Valley of the Sun from turning into a traffic-choked, smog-shrouded "Carmageddon."

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