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Want a thriving economy? The Goldwater Institute knows that best business climate is one where low taxes and minimal regulation benefit all employers – not one where subsidies and special tax breaks offer an advantage to a chosen few. When a government agency can decide which businesses to favor, it opens the door for the misguided pursuit of investment fads or, at worst, the potential for corruption and abuse. Our research offers sound policies for government, and we’re not afraid to fight when we see bad ideas that put taxpayers at risk.

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  • Freedom is the key to jobs

    Posted on December 13, 2011 | Type: Blog | Author: Byron Schlomach

    With America’s unemployment rate at or above 9 percent for three years, prior to the rate being pushed down by people leaving the workforce, job creation is on everybody’s mind. Unfortunately, for many policymakers across the country the ideas to turn that rate around – tax breaks for big corporations or outright subsidies to biotechnology, solar power, or other high-tech industries – have been tried, with little to show for them.

  • State policymakers can give a gift of certainty next year

    Posted on December 08, 2011 | Type: Blog | Author: Stephen Slivinski

    Since 2001, the federal tax code allowed business owners to write off more of the investment they make in their company each year and, today, businesses can write off 100 percent of the capital investments they made this year. But if Congress and the President don’t act, that tax cut will end in January 2012. State policymakers, on the other hand, could offer a little certainty in their state income tax code by allowing businesses to immediately write-off on their taxes the full value of their new capital investments.

  • Gov. Scott Walker at the 2011 Goldwater Dinner

    Posted on November 30, 2011 | Type: Blog

    On November 10, 2011, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker keynoted the Goldwater Institute Annual Dinner. Watch his speech with an introduction by former Arizona Representative and Goldwater Institute Senior Fellow John Shadegg.

  • The Missing Reform: Regulatory Tax Credits

    Posted on November 09, 2011 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Nick Dranias

    Federal regulations have been estimated to cost $1.75 trillion per year, which is roughly 14 percent of total national income. All of these incredibly costly regulations slow economic activity and prevent the creation of jobs and wealth. Unfortunately, efforts to rein in excessive regulations have proven inadequate. But there is a powerful way to give government the missing incentive it needs—the regulatory tax credit

  • Report: Proposed Tax Credit Could Boost Jobs Outlook

    Posted on November 09, 2011 | Type: Press Release

    In Arizona and across the country, small business owners and entrepreneurs spend billions of dollars and countless hours complying with regulations. But a new recommendation from the Goldwater Institute could offer these businesses help – and boost the state’s jobs outlook along the way.

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