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Board of Directors

Jim Chamberlain
Board Member, Goldwater Institute

Marian Cook
Board Member, Goldwater Institute

Eric Crown
Chairman Emeritus, Insight Enterprises, Inc., Vice ChairmanGoldwater Institute

Renee Giltner
Board Member, Goldwater Institute, Treasurer

Christopher Gleason
Board Member, Goldwater Institute

Barry Goldwater Jr.
Former U.S. Representative

Norman Harbert
Board Member, Goldwater Institute

Randy P. Kendrick
Board Member, Goldwater Institute

Norman McClelland
Chairman, Shamrock Foods, Chairman, Goldwater Institute

John Norton
Chairman, Norton Foundation

Darcy Olsen
President and CEO, Goldwater Institute

  • Darcy Olsen

    Darcy Olsen

    President and CEO
  • Clint Bolick

    Clint Bolick

    Vice President for Litigation
  • Victor Riches

    Victor Riches

    Vice President, External Affairs
  • Roger Zetah

    Roger Zetah

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Michael Kelley

    Michael Kelley

    Communications Director
  • Starlee Coleman

    Starlee Coleman

    Senior Policy Advisor
  • Craig Handzlik

    Craig Handzlik

    State Policy Coordinator
  • Kurt Altman

    Kurt Altman

    National Policy Advisor and General Counsel
  • Christina Sandefur

    Christina Sandefur

    Senior Attorney
  • Jim Manley

    Jim Manley

    Senior Attorney
  • Jon Riches

    Jon Riches

    Staff Attorney
  • Jared Blanchard

    Jared Blanchard

    Staff Attorney
  • Adi Dynar

    Adi Dynar

    Law Clerk
  • Courtney Van Cott

    Courtney Van Cott

    Law Clerk
  • Byron Schlomach

    Byron Schlomach

    Director, Center for Economic Prosperity
  • Jonathan Butcher

    Jonathan Butcher

    Education Director
  • Blake Wilson

    Blake Wilson

    Digital Production Specialist
  • Stephanie Rugolo

    Stephanie Rugolo

    Policy Analyst
  • Travis Junion

    Travis Junion

    Major Gifts Officer
  • Le Templar

    Le Templar

    Director of Foundation Relations
  • Jason Lloyd

    Jason Lloyd

    Member Services Assistant
  • Ric Blazquez

    Ric Blazquez

    Development Researcher
  • Cheryl McCarty

    Cheryl McCarty

    Office Manager
  • Kris Schlott

    Kris Schlott

  • Ashley Fitzwilliams

    Ashley Fitzwilliams

  • Annica Benning

    Annica Benning

    Litigation Investigator
  • Andrea Woodmansee

    Andrea Woodmansee

    Senior Editor

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