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Posted on January 22, 2007 | Author: Arwynn Mattix
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According to a recent poll most Arizonans support school choice. There was no funny business in this poll. Prepared for the Alliance for School Choice, the poll asked if respondents supported or opposed school vouchers, and explained vouchers in plain language: vouchers are funded by the government, private organizations, or by some combination of both, and provide money to parents to select which public or private schools they would like their children to attend.

A resounding 62 percent supported vouchers, only 30 percent opposed them.

Arizona has long been the nations leader in school choice. New and expanded programs signed into law last year will likely solidify that position. But, despite record gains, Arizona still has a long way to go: only 10 percent of Arizona students have access to school choice options.

Fortunately, Arizonans know the solution. When asked what groups of students most deserves scholarships to attend private schools in Arizona, 55 percent answered All Students in Arizona.

Education Governor, take note.

Arwynn Mattix is a policy analyst at the Goldwater Institute.

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