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Posted on July 27, 2005
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What do Florida, Nevada, and Texas have in common (besides the heat)?

A. They are among nine states without an income tax.
B. Since 1990 they have seen twice the job and population growth of states with the highest income taxes.
C. All of the above.

If you answered C, you'd be right. Unfortunately, Arizona is the odd man out.

Arizona expects to run a surplus of more than $200 million this year. But for everyday Arizonans, that's money they won't have to put toward purchasing homes, saving for their children's educations, and starting new businesses. While the state has been flush with cash, Arizonans haven't been given major tax relief in a decade.

It's time to balance the scales.

Eliminating the income tax could give Arizona's economy a major boost. Phasing out both the corporate and individual income taxes could create as many as 14,000 new jobs each year and generate up to $24 billion in personal income growth over 15 years.

Importantly, cutting taxes keeps more money in the hands of the people, where it belongs.
Key Links:
-Steve Voeller: "Time is Right for Substantial Tax Relief"
-Bob Robb: "Fiscal conservatives in Arizona should focus on tax cuts"
-Study: Three Paths to Prosperity: An Examination of Proposals for Fundamental Tax Reform

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