Phoenix Wants More

Posted on August 03, 2005
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Why are so many choosing the suburbs?

High property taxes in Phoenix may be one answer. Phoenix residents bear the highest property tax rates of any city in Maricopa County-five percent higher than the next highest, Glendale, and exactly twice the rate in Surprise. It shouldn't be a surprise that people choose to buy homes where it costs less.

Despite its already high property taxes, Phoenix is asking for more. An upcoming spring vote would let the city issue bonds worth $750 million. The bonds will be repaid with future property taxes.

Since 1989 the state and city have poured $2.4 billion into downtown Phoenix, yet its relative share of the region's population has declined. If this trend continues, there will be relatively fewer people to pay an increasingly heavy tax burden. Welcome to downtown Newark. 

Property tax relief, not an increase, would help attract more families to a city that has a great deal to offer.

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