The Gift of Giving

Posted on December 16, 2005
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Corporate giving is up.  In Arizona, Michael Jedlowski, president of Southwestern Furniture Company, will give away 10 households full of furniture to needy families. He's also donated over $500,000 to Phoenix Children's Hospital to help with its neonatal intensive care unit. And it all happened without a government program.   

Corporate generosity is increasing nationwide.  As reported by Giving USA Foundation, corporate charitable giving has been steadily rising. Corporate giving for 2005 is expected to jump as corporate profits have risen about 13 percent this year.  Despite the clamoring of naysayers, perhaps increased corporate profits aren't all bad. 

Corporations from Bashas' to Wal-Mart understand how important their benevolence is to their communities.  As Jedlowski explained, "Phoenix is our home.  We believe in taking care of people who live here."  That's great news as corporations increase charitable giving, it lightens the load on our strained social services and our taxes.

As Arizona deliberates how it should move forward on tax reform, we shouldn't forget about the charity of corporations.  If Arizona lightens or eliminates corporate taxes, we can expect the good deeds of our corporate neighbors to multiply.  But if tax rates go up or remain the same, we can rightfully expect the genial flame of charity to be extinguished. 

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