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Consistency Overlooked

Posted on May 01, 2006 | Author: Carrie Lukas
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According to the National Journal, officials at the National Science Foundation and the Department of Education (DOE) are exploring Title IX's applications to specific areas of study, but only in disciplines that will benefit women.

It's well-known that fewer women study the hard sciences than men. As the National Journal details, men earned about 80 percent of engineering and 75 percent of computer science degrees in 2001. For the gender warriors, there is only one acceptable explanation’"discrimination’"for women's under-representation in science and math.

If the DOE is really interested in the numbers game, they should be just as concerned about areas in which women dominate men. Women earn nearly eight in ten degrees in education and psychology, and six in ten degrees in accounting and biology. Overall, women earn 58 percent of bachelor's degrees.

If Title IX were applied to academic departments, biology and accounting programs would be forced to attract young men to the major. But if they fell short, they could opt to expel women to make the numbers balance. Engineering programs would face the inverse problem: attracting women and cutting men.

Expanding Title IX isn’t the answer. Men wouldn't receive a better education or be better prepared to participate in the modern economy if fewer women attended college. Policymakers concerned about gender disparities in higher education need to focus on root causes, such as the government-run public-school monopoly that often fails to educate children writ large.

Carrie Lukas is the vice president for policy and economics at the Independent Women's Forum and a Goldwater Institute Senior Fellow. A longer version of this article appeared in National Review Online. Lukas is the author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism," released by Regnery Publishing today.

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