A Choice, Not an Echo

Posted on August 02, 2005
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From the steps of the Yavapai County Courthouse where Barry Goldwater announced his presidential bid some 40 years ago, Don Goldwater, nephew of the late senator, today announced his candidacy for governor, advancing a platform committed to "the fundamental principles of limited government, economic freedom and individual liberty."

While the Goldwater Institute does not endorse candidates for political office, we would be remiss in not recognizing the entry of a candidate who shares the family name and promises to uphold the principles Senator Goldwater advanced.

Don Goldwater called for major tax relief and education reform, including the adoption of a business scholarship tax credit that Governor Napolitano recently vetoed. Those policies are right for Arizona.

Barry Goldwater offered "a choice, not an echo" in his 1964 campaign. Don Goldwater may offer the same.

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