Behind the Curve

Posted on May 05, 2005
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Arizona is the nation's leader in educational freedom, meaning parents here have more options for educating their children than parents anywhere else. However, Arizona may be losing its top spot.

Governors of Illinois, Iowa, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and at least 10 other states are working on innovative education reforms. Proposals include tax credits, certificates, and scholarships so all children can have an equal opportunity to attend great schools.

Yet, as the Business Journal reports, Gov. Janet Napolitano thinks the status quo "already offer[s] families plenty of viable choices for their children's education."

According to a recent poll, most Arizonans think otherwise. In fact, nine out of 10 likely voters favor school choice measures.

Families struggling to make the best educational choices for their children expect more-and deserve better-than being told "viable schools are good enough." Arizona students should not be left behind the educational opportunity curve.

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