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Posted on February 22, 2007 | Author: Ann Seiden
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Chances are, if you live in the Southwest, you either speak Spanish or meet someone who does on nearly a daily basis. In Arizona, Hispanics make up more than 25 percent of the population and are by far the largest minority group in the country. When it comes to the business of spreading ideas, Hispanics are a growing market.

To meet the emerging need for information in Spanish, the Goldwater Institute recently embarked on a new Spanish language initiative. The effort began with the launch of www.institutogoldwater.org, a new website featuring Spanish translations of Goldwater research and other publications.

With these efforts, we follow the Reagan admonition that freedom is not the sole prerogative of a chosen few, but the universal right of all Gods children. Simply put, the message of liberty is for everyone, regardless of language.

Latinos encounter the same challenges that all Arizonans face in regard to educating their children, balancing their checkbooks, and keeping government at bay. By increasing communication to the Spanish speaking community in Arizona and around the world, the Goldwater Institute has become part of the global effort to help people live freer lives.

Ann Seiden is the communications and Hispanic outreach coordinator at the Goldwater Institute.

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