Darcy Olsen

Tempe on the Take

Posted on June 29, 2003 | Type: Op-Ed | Author: Darcy Olsen
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Kenneth and Mary Ann Pillow have lived in their modest home since 1965, a home that will soon be razed if Tempe planners have their way. The Pillows' crime? Living in the path of a redevelopment plan (read: raise revenue), in which the city seizes land, sells it to developers at a discount, and then gets a cut of the developers' profits. Despite constitutional prohibitions against taking private property for private use, cities use their endless resources and the courts to intimidate couples like the Pillows. New legislation restricting cities' ability to flout the law should help homeowners protect their property. Here's to a fighting chance against city hall.

--Darcy Olsen, President & CEO, Goldwater Institute


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