SPN News: Goldwater Institute update (Jan/Feb 2003)

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The Goldwater Institute kicked off the new year with the release of a new report, “42 Ideas for a Free and Prosperous Arizona.” Spearheaded by the “42 Ideas” report (http://www.goldwaterinstitute.org/article.php/223.html), the Institute continues to advance on several fronts toward victories in state policy. Currently making their way through the legislative process are: an initiative for a Colorado-style Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights; a bill for expansion of the state’s scholarship tax credit; a school choice bill to create literacy passports for underperforming students; an initiative to repeal the state’s system of taxpayer-financed campaigns; and, a bill to prevent municipalities from taking private property for private use. The Institute has also enhanced its education team, with the addition of Ross Groen as education policy researcher and Vicki Murray as education analyst. On April 12, the Institute will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary with a black-tie gala featuring best-selling author Christopher Buckley, Wall Street Journal editor emeritus Bob Bartley, and Chilean social security reformer José Piñera.

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