Goldwater Participates in Landmark School Choice Case

Posted on February 18, 2002 | Type: Press Release
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Phoenix, AZ-On Wednesday, February 20, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case of Zelman v. Simmons-Harris. The case will decide the constitutionality of the Cleveland, Ohio, school choice program, and may have important implications for the future of education reform in Arizona.


Arizona's Goldwater Institute has joined the case by filing an amicus curiae brief in support of arguments by the Institute for Justice.  On the vanguard of market-based education reform, Goldwater Institute scholars paved the way for Arizona's much-lauded market-based education reforms, such as charter schools and education scholarship tax credits, and continue to promote greater educational freedom for parents and teachers.


According to the brief from Goldwater, the case "raises squarely the issue of whether a program designed to rescue economically disadvantaged students from a failing public school system by providing scholarships that parents may use to choose private, religious, or public schools violates the First Amendment and thus is of vital interest to the Goldwater Institute."


The Supreme Court is not expected to issue a ruling in the case until June.


To request a copy of the Goldwater Institute's amicus curiae brief, please call the Institute at (602) 462-5000.



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