Goldwater Institute Offers 42 Ideas to Boost Growth, Enhance Freedom

Posted on January 24, 2003 | Type: Press Release
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Press Contact: Tom Jenney, (602) 462-5000

Phoenix-In a new report released today, 42 Ideas for a Free and Prosperous Arizona, the Goldwater Institute offers Arizona's citizens and policymakers 42 ideas that can be implemented this year to encourage economic growth and enhance freedom. The report suggests budget-friendly solutions to a range of policy problems, including:

  • Education. To help 20,000 disadvantaged children obtain quality schooling, Idea 2 would expand the state's tuition-scholarship tax credit. Idea 6 would enable students in Arizona's 227 "underperforming" schools to transfer to other public schools or to independent private schools.
  • Competitive Commerce. Idea 8 could lower electrical rates by eliminating state protection of electric distribution monopolies and allowing utilities to compete to wire new subdivisions. Idea 12 would lower prices for beer and wine by eliminating mandatory middlemen in those markets.
  • Electoral Reform. Idea 17 would protect free speech by repealing the so-called Clean Elections law. Idea 18 would preserve Arizona's successful system of term-limited citizen legislators.
  • Transportation. To reduce freeway congestion during rush hour, Idea 19 suggests converting underutilized carpool lanes to HOT (high occupancy/toll) lanes that would be rented to single occupant vehicles using low-tech annual permits or high-tech electronic pricing. Idea 20 would restructure licensing and emissions fees to target the 20 percent of vehicles responsible for 90 percent of road pollution.
  • Tax Policy. Idea 28 could create 116,000 jobs and generate sales and income tax revenue of $268 million by temporarily suspending the unemployment insurance tax, a tax that hurts workers and stunts business growth. Idea 27 would make Arizona more competitive in the region by lowering the corporate and personal income rates to a maximum rate of 4.63 percent. Idea 32 suggests lowering Arizona's punitive taxes on business property, some of the highest in the nation.
  • Budget Policy. Under zero-based budgeting (Idea 35), all government agencies would begin the fiscal year with zero dollars in their budgets, so they would have to defend not only new spending proposals, but existing spending as well. Idea 40 proposes a constitutional spending limit to force the legislature to prioritize spending.

The report can be found online here.

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