The Business Journal Power Players: Darcy A. Olsen

Posted on December 05, 2006 | Type: In the News
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Darcy A. Olsen
Title: President and CEO
Organization: Goldwater Institute

Address: 500 E. Coronado Road/>, Phoenix
Phone: 602-462-5000
How Long: 5 years

Why do you thing you've been selected as one of the Valley's Power Players? Because the Goldwater Institute has enjoyed great success in creating blueprints for laws that expand freedom and opportunity.

Toughest lesson learned: Always check the to field before you hit send.


What was your first job? I worked at Wendy for minimum wage.


What are you doing in the Valley? I grew up in the Southwest and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


Who is your favorite fictional/comic book character and why? Han Solo. Is an explanation really necessary?


What was your best investment? Joining the high school debate team.


Strangest compliment: You've done all right, for a girl.


What is your fantasy job? To host the television show Globe Trekker.


What is the best advice you every got? Listen to your mother.


Advice as a protégé: Its a cliché, but its really true. Be who you are, not who people think you should be.


What trait has been most important to your success? Integrity.

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