Budget Stabilization Act Defeated in House

Posted on March 19, 2003 | Type: Press Release
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Phoenix-The Arizona House version of the Budget Stabilization Act (HCR 2011) was defeated yesterday by a vote of 34 to 26. A total of 14 House Republicans voted against it, along with 20 Democrats. The bill, which was modeled on Colorado's Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, would have submitted to voters a referendum limiting general fund budget growth to the rate of population growth plus inflation.

Goldwater Institute tax and budget studies director Stephen Slivinski expressed his disappointment: "Apparently, those legislators are uninterested in imposing any kind of fiscal discipline on the legislature-or even giving the voters a chance to impose that discipline by referendum."

Slivinski has long advocated that Arizona adopt a tax and expenditure limit modeled on Colorado's Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. Slivinski argues that Colorado's fiscal discipline helped it to become first among all states in gross state product growth and second in the nation in personal income growth during the 1990s.

Republicans who voted against both HCR 2011 and last year's version:

James R. Carruthers (Yuma)

Deb Gullett (Phoenix)

Pete Hershberger (Tucson)

Steve Huffman (Tucson)

Tom O'Halleran (Sedona)

Marian A. McClure (Tucson)

Republicans who voted against HCR 2011:

Bill Arnold (Goodyear)

Jennifer J. Burns (Tucson)

Ted Carpenter (Phoenix)

Philip J. Hanson (Peoria)

Carole Hubbs (Sun City West)

John Huppenthal (Chandler)

John B. Nelson (Glendale)

Bill Wagner III (Bullhead City)

Independent Rep. Sylvia Laughter (Kayenta) voted in favor of HCR 2011.

Press Contact: Stephen Slivinski (602) 462-5000

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