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Sometimes, a good idea is enough – and other times, you need a good idea and a lawyer. On topics as diverse as federal health care, protecting freedom of speech and protecting taxpayers and business owners, the Goldwater Institute ensures that government at all levels adheres to the constitution by standing up for taxpayers’ rights in court.

  • Turken v. Gordon (CityNorth subsidy case)

    Posted on August 08, 2007 | Type: Case

    The case made it to the Arizona Supreme Court, which ruled that the law was unclear and clarified the law. Though the CityNorth subsidy deal can stand, the Court unanimously ruled that, going forward, government subsidies to encourage development violate the Gift Clause of the Arizona Constitution unless the developer offers tangible benefits of equal value in return. The Court did not rule on two legal issues related to the CityNorth case--the equal privileges and immunities, and special law provisions.

  • Basis v. Horne (Charter school autonomy case)

    Posted on June 22, 2007 | Type: Case

    The case was settled conditionally out of court with the Arizona Department of Education on October 15, 2007. This case may become active again if conditions of settlement are not met.

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