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Sometimes, a good idea is enough – and other times, you need a good idea and a lawyer. On topics as diverse as federal health care, protecting freedom of speech and protecting taxpayers and business owners, the Goldwater Institute ensures that government at all levels adheres to the constitution by standing up for taxpayers’ rights in court.

  • Congress School District v. Warren (defense of parents seeking public records)

    Posted on March 09, 2010 | Type: Case

    The Congress Elementary School District has a history of violating Arizona public records law and other state and federal laws that guarantee parents the right to see school records about their children. These violations have been documented by the state attorney general and the state ombudsman. The violations were brought to attention of state officials over the past decade because of actions by parents and taxpayers such as Jean Warren, Barbara Rejon, Cyndi Regis and Renee Behl-Hoge. At different times, these taxpayers have requested to see various documents widely considered to be basic public records, including agendas and minutes of school board meetings. Rejon, Regis and Behl-Hoge also have asked to see records about their children when they attended school in the district. However, Behl-Hoge’s family no longer lives in Congress and she hasn’t requested to see any school district records in more than six years.

  • Goldwater Institute v. City of Phoenix (public records in Wyndham Hotel case)

    Posted on February 05, 2010 | Type: Case

    After a court hearing, the City of Phoenix decided to make all the records available to the Goldwater Institute on a continuing basis.

  • Vong v. Aune

    Posted on November 30, 2009 | Type: Case

    Cindy Vong has operated a nail salon in Gilbert, Arizona since 2006. In 2008, she made plans to provide a special therapy for feet that uses small carp to safely nibble away dead skin. The fish therapy originated in the Middle East and is popular in Asia and Europe. Ms. Vong remodeled her salon to create a separate area where the foot treatment by fish would be offered. She wrote an extensive policy on customer safety for her staff and legally imported Garra Rufa fish from China to launch the service. A number of Ms. Vong’s customers enjoyed the treatment and none lodged any complaints about it with her business or any state agency.

  • Coons v. Hallman (Sea Life Aquarium)

    Posted on November 23, 2009 | Type: Case

    The City of Tempe made a deal with the developer of Sea Life Aquarium, an aquarium at a local shopping mall, to provide Sea Life with tax subsidies and concessions. The subsidies and concessions violated the Arizona Constitution and state law, which prohibit “gifts” of public money to private interests.

  • Goldwater Institute Complaint Against Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup (public records case)

    Posted on September 21, 2009 | Type: Case

    As soon as the suit was filed Mayor Walkup disclosed all requested documents. The city of Tucson also paid $1,285 in costs and attorney's fees.

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